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Old 01-29-2018, 02:08 PM
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'08 Explorer Sport Trac Coolant demons

I have a 2008 Explorer Sport Trac with 213,000 miles. The original Radiator was replaced at about 175,000, and the mechanic used a 3rd party brand which leaked after 4 hours after driving and he replaced it again. The mechanic, over the next 40,000 miles has also replaced the upper and lower hoses, water pump, heat control valve, 3 radiator caps, 2 at 20psi, and then reduced to a 16 psi cap, 3 thermostat housings, 3 thermostats, reservoir tank and line, and the leak is still happening! On the 3rd radiator, I was able to see it leaking where the plastic is crimped to the metal on the top driver side. I finally gave in and purchased the radiator for my truck directly from Ford Motorcraft and the mechanic installed that one about 3 weeks ago since I'm tired of buying so much coolant to continually add to the reservoir which gradually empties in a couple of days. I also noticed leaking at the heat control valve so that was replaced again too. After 3 hours of driving, the new Motorcraft radiator started leaking underneath the reservoir bottle where the plastic is crimped to the metal. If I remove the reservoir and wipe the top passenger edge of the radiator with a rag, I can watch it slowly build up again in the same spot. I want to take it to another shop but they'll immediately want to replace the radiator again which doesn't seem to solve the real problem that is causing them to rupture. Is there anything I can tell them so they can look for the issue before I buy another radiator?

Driveway test:

I have opened the radiator cap when the truck was cold, made sure the reservoir bottle is at full/cold and started the engine. Within 3-5 minutes, the coolant is slowly pushed up out of the radiator spilling onto the ground. At this time, the upper hose remains cold; and eventually things will start warming up but it appears all of my coolant ends up on the ground and then I shut off the engine because it drops down to a level way below inside the radiator.

Road test:

Grabbed a pencil and marked the full/cold level of the reservoir bottle, made sure the radiator was full, and drove for about 3 minutes. Everything seemed fine. I didn't see any drips on the concrete at the store that I went to, and when I returned home. When I lifted the hood, I noticed the reservoir bottle never increased to full/hot. The next morning, I lift the hood and noticed the reservoir bottle shows the level to be 1/8 of an inch lower.

The only time the gauge inside the truck has shown red-line hot was when the original thermostat housing gave out. Since then, I have not seen the truck get hot, it always maintains a middle range temperature even when I am losing coolant..

I have also checked the oil and it appears fine.. Any other ideas I might be able to bring to his attention?
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