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Generation 6 1973-1979 F100, F150, F250, F350

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Old 01-03-2018, 07:19 AM
popsthebuilder popsthebuilder is offline
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Holy cow!

Last night on my way do drop my helper off, the guy I am currently working for whom I have known for about a decade who was the first to tell me about the truck for sale called me.

He went back to the older gentleman's house for a service call to find the truck still sitting in the drive where I left it. After speaking to the gentleman, my boss and he concluded that I should have gotten the truck. So the older gentleman singed it over to my boss right then and there.

It was record cold last night and the old girl wasn't having it. Charged battery and got it to fire up eventually only to notice a fuel leak at the sight glass.....yet again. Tried to tighten it and snapped it like a twig getting a good petroleum based eyewash out of the deal. Go get another filter, put it on and she won't take a charge good enough to spin consistently. Play with it for an hour and give up.

Brought battery to parts store. They said it was bad. Got a new high cold crank output battery and a can of starter fluid. Hopefully the ole girl is a morning person. Yes I'm still talking about the truck.

I will try and post pics of my hood/ hinge and cab supports on my 72 250 cs later if I get home before dark, and pics of the new girl.

And I was mistaken; the for sale sign said f100, but it is in actuality an 78 f150 ranger XLT.

Thanks for the help and support.

It is good to be welcomed somewhere.

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