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Need model suggestion for my first resto project

Hi. I'm new to the board and I've come to see if the good people here can help me narrow down a pickup truck model to focus on as a rebuild project. Lately I've been learning some about the 60-66 trucks and decided this is the style I'd like to focus on. But before I get into the project details, a little about myself..

I'm a self taught reasonably competent mechanic that's been doing all my car maintenance (except deep engine, clutch or trans work) for the last 20 years or so. I have some body (bondo, primer and wet sanding) experience but haven't done much in the way of dent removal or panel replacement. Although I don't have a lot of welding experience mig welding comes naturally enough. If I don't know how to do something I ask questions, and with good advice can usually get the job done.

So, what I'm looking for.. Basically I'd like to find a good, what I'd call 'atomic era' truck of early to mid 60s (or 50s possibly) to get into good shape and use as a work truck. After getting it right mechanically and with a great body and paint job, it would be used primarily to travel to bid on residential and commercial painting jobs. Basically it would be used as a selling point to illustrate the quality of work we do as a company.

Requirements for the truck is to be gas efficient, which would probably mean an in-line 6 engine paired with an auto trans w/ overdrive. And to be comfortable and drivable... meaning power steering, disc brakes and a/c. It would need to handle stop and go city driving, as well as be able to do short hops of 65 mph safely on the interstate. Hauling duties would be minimal.

The model I've gotten to know best so far are the 60-66 Chevy c10s, although I'm open to just about anything including the same era f100s or Internationals, or I even sort of like the 50s Chevy Advance Design models.

So that's about it. You guys have an opinion on what model trucks of this era would be a good candidate for what I'm looking to do?
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