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Is it possible a new distributor cap and rotor plus the distributor pigtail being replaced could correct a #1 Engine Cylinder issue?

I'm not 100% certain yet, but I soldered it all together, added the ground to the distributor condenser (also replaced) so it's double-grounded now, and put a new distributor cap and rotor into the engine.

Still running rich in the 10 mpg range instead of 13-18, but I think that has to do with TPS never being calibrated (adjusted) when a throttle body spacer was installed, so that'll be my final thing.

Going to ohms check the distributor cap and see if the #1 wire mount has some big-time resistance out of tolerance. That would explain why once it's up to speed the extra power makes it to the end of the wire and fires but at lower rpms it almost seemed as if the cylinder wasn't firing (did have compression though in leak-down check). Everything was low, like 90 or 92 and then went down to the very bottom or out of the tolerances for that psi (like <78 or something).

ABS Light is off officially. Can't pull codes yet. Also still receive an occasional ground/short indication on brake control randomly. I'm going to solder an all-new ODB1 Engine Fault Code Plug into the harness and see if that improves anything. That had been acting up, wondering if it is the source of the grounding condition and failure to transmit codes from the RABS II module's memory.
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