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Leak Down Check Complete

Not great....

Triggered the Check Engine light that has been off for months upon months by doing these tests.

Broke a spark plug, going to put a new one in the morning in.

Tests show Compression at 90 or so and all but one are below the MINIMUM 78.5 (one was 80 on the leak). There is a hiss out of the engine service cap of the engine during these. No bubbling from radiator either.

When parked but on, pulling Spark Plug #1 off the distributor does not affect idle.

#1 Cylinder appears to be providing some power during driving as it has the broken spark plug right now and it was much worse.

There is skipping from #1 that can be heard/felt prior to breaking the spark plug.

Unsure what's going on with this engine.

The Heat Tab on the back was not melted. Did not overheat the engine.

I guess the theory is possibly the valves are not seated or piston rings are not seated or the engine needs more than 6K miles of break-in driving? Keith also theorized doing the oil change its due for right now and putting straight 30W Conentional in for further break-in.

Have to call S&J on Monday to see waht they will say. At least I didn't overheat the engine, so the warranty is intact.
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