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I'm still looking for some input on the Ecoboost. I heard today that Summitt makes a chip that will increase my mileage. I'm trying to get better mileage but so far no luck. I understand all the variables. Listen, I'm running a 2012 F150 supercrew, 4x2 with the V6 Ecoboost. I'm driving city and hwy and my mileage is averageing 17.5. Not loaded, not towing, 2 passengers and my dog. I have 10,000 miles on the truck. My longest trip was a 5 hr. Interstate hwy. It got up to 18.9 on that trip and fell back to 17.5 once we got back to short hauls. We frequently take 2.5 hr. trips and the mileage stays the same. I drive very easy on the throttle and use the cruise as much as possible. I would like to find out if Ford can help me with the "chip" or am I on my own. I'm convinced the truck will do better, I just need to know how. The service manager ask my wife if she was happy with the mileage last week when we had our first oil change at 10,000 miles. She expressed her dissatisfaction and his reply was " It'll get better". Hogwash, I don't think so. Not by adding miles. There must be something we can do besides just accepting that this is the way it is. If you can help me, please, I would like to know. I love the truck.
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