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Thumbs up Steering Damper Installed (did not come with boot)

Monroe SA1930 Magnum Steering Damper Installed. Did not come with boot, would be good to find one (blue?) if possible.

Appreciate input, will keep you all posted as I keep knocking through this and the F-700. Waiting on funds to knock out the broke leaf springs (new leaf springs, shackles, rear shocks, rust inhibitor primer and rubberized undercoat).

Going back to electronics for a bit, gonna dismount the 750W amp and install the 1000W that didn't get shorted on install in 2015. Have to pull bench seat out, just too darn difficult without it removed and can clean the floor out.

Also will be trying to figure out how to add a 1000ma capacitor to the amp-side to help clean the electrical signal that might still be fed through the new amp. Any links or idea on that appreciated.

Final product, still need to get caster/camber adjusted to finish the front, but probably should have new leaf springs installed too before I take it in for another alignment.

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