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Originally Posted by cbaker65 View Post
I think some vary in different regions,some may have different componets,
The main concern,is to make sure that you have no vaccum leaks,an
all of your lines are in the right place,an are in good shape.

That's what I'm trying to figure out. The vast majority of my vacuum lines are disconnected and have bolts in the ends of them. AL. doesn't require emissions so, I'm sure that some of them are for emissions (EGR) but due to them being disconnected I have no idea where they are suppose to go. Should I reconnect even the emissions in an effort to get the best gas mileage OR should I only focus on the vacuum lines other than emissions (& again, regardless, without a diagram I don't know which serves which purpose & where they go).

Make sure that the intake manifold & carb base gasket are not leakimg.
The carb is a newly reman. & the gasket is brand new & I don't feel any type of leak. Thanks, Dean
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