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I had a little time to look into my transmission problems and have not found anything yet. All sensor readings I can see on an scan tool look normal. I triple checked fluid level. So I have made an appointment at the trans shop for a week or so from now. I know the owner really well and he said he will drive it and find out what direction to go in. He said it sounds like some of the valves or plungers are sticking in the valve body. So I will hopefully have an answer soon.
I have been thinking about selling the truck here lately because I just picked up a 06 p71 crown Vic from my brother in law that needs an engine and I have planned on fixing the p71 then start driving it. So I will see if the truck is fixable without pulling the transmission or not. Ether way I think the truck is going to be sold. It was a freebie from my father in law and itís been a good vehicle for the time I have had it, just took a little TLC to get it where itís at now. Hate to let a truck go but I can always get another later and I kinda miss having a vehicle with enough room for two or more passengers. I think the p71 will be a fun car.

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