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Originally Posted by Jasperrc View Post
I wouldn't try rigging anything

On these trucks the voltage regulator is not part of the alternator so I would try replacing that before doing anything else.

You can pick one up at a parts place for less than $20. On my truck it's located in the engine compartment, on the back side of the radiator support by the horn on the right side of the truck.

You don't want to direct wire the alternator to the battery. Without proper voltage regulation in place, it will over-charge the battery and could cause other problems as well.

A friend of mine many years ago had the voltage regulator go out on a vehicle and it not only ruined the battery, it blew out every light bulb on the vehicle that came on after the regulator died, and I mean every bulb!
There are wires just jumping into other wires. I'm lost and nearly overwhelmed trying to make sense of it. I looked at some diagrams but that didn't really help because I can't really read them.

Can I run a hot from battery to regulator to alternator without all the other stuff?

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