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The plot thickens

I bought a 1950 F2 a while back and have been restoring it. I've had nothing but troubles finding a tailgate for it. All of the tailgates for this truck seemed to be too small. The person I bought it from said it had an express bed? which is supposed to be bigger. The guys at NPD (national parts depot) Think I have the wrong bed on the truck and believe its and F3 bed. Who knows. So I go to the vin that's on the title and its for a 1950 6cyl 1/2 ton which doesn't seem to match this big ol truck. I saw through a search that there is sometimes a vin stamped on the frame up front. Does this apply to the 1950 f series like mine? Or are there any other place I could look to try and decipher this hodgepodge of a monstrosity that is my awesome F2?

Thanks for any info and help. I'll post a pic as soon as I figure out this whole computer thing
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