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i ended up passing on it, too much $ and they wouldnt come off the price, sure less than 20K miles, but still a 2005. i did test drive it and wasnt impressed, i figured it would have more performace than it did, my 94 has a curb weight of 3,000 and is much peppier to drive, yes it has 4.10 gears too, but you figure it also is running 235/75/15 tires. that shortbed had nothing on it (where my 94 was running a cap at the time, tools in the back, grille guard-probly another 500# +) the 05 is the newer 2.3 (mazda dohc) supposed to be about 140 hp (my "pinto" 2.3 is 100 hp) the 05 has 225/70/15's running 3.73's just didnt seem to be very quick off the line, i think my 94 would have beat it light-to-light. now yes, alot of other things were better, brakes, tight steering, heater,a/c. but just wasnt what i was expecting powerwise. and since with financing it would have came to almost the orignial purchace price, i just wouldnt pay that. surprizingly i never got any follow up calls, i figured i would, used to be if you talked to a dealer and they got your number they would bug you to death. i jokingly asked for a trade in appriasal on my 94, knowing good and well they wouldnt take it, though i mentioned they had a 2001 edge that the back bumper was about to break off at the frame from rust and mine would indeed pull a trailer. oh well. i did want to see how a newer 2.3 duratech drove. its ok but guess i will stick with my older (and paid for) iron for now.
1994 2wd 2.3 reg cab long bed. 4.10 gears, hurst shifter,grille guard, cap, old but runs good

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