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Welp, I used the paperclip method to get the codes and Codes 111 and 126 flashed. 126 was the map sensor....

I had just put in a BWD Map Sensor from Advance 2 years ago, thought it couldn't be it and couldn't the the reason why my truck was running like the transmission, alternator, and fuel injectors/distributor were all running like garbage with 5-7 mpg.

So, put the new NAPA Map Sensor in today. Disconnected the battery, reconnected a bit later. And.... got 20+ miles per gallon for the first time in a long time. And it's shifting like butter, can't even tell.

Going to clean up Red IX and get some pictures up now that the engine is pretty. Paint job's clear coat is flaking off, but it's still a nice 1992 Custom F-150 with F-250 mods on the back end. :-)
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