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Lifted problems

I have a 1993 Ford Ranger with a 7 inch lift with 35x12.5s. I have number of small issues that i would like to solve so any help would be much appreciated. The first issue is the previous owner installed some cheap eBay special headlights and they don't seem to mount right. The mounts Match up but they just push in and if I touch the head lights they will move up and down. I would like to make them stationary and correct. The second issue is being that I have big tires the power steering pump whines constantly. It works fine but it's annoying, is there an upgraded pump or some other fix for that, I couldn't find anything. The last thing is my truck rides like it doesn't have a suspension, I know lifted trucks don't always ride the best but I feel every single bump, I was thinking shocks but they don't seem to be to bad ( still have compression). If anyone can help with any of this it would be much appreciated!

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