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steering box question.

I have a 1979 f-150 4x4 with a 302 cid V8 engine. I bought this truck from another gentleman who had disassembled the truck for a future off frame restoration. The frame was a rolling chassis without an engine and transmission.
the question I have, the power steering hose connection ports on this steering box are pointed down toward the ground. This makes the running of the hoses somewhat awkward. Question is, can this be correct, would this inhibit getting the air out of system? Can this part of the steering box be installed wrong after being rebuilt? In other words, can the 4 bolts be removed and simply rotate the input shaft housing 90 degrees and reattach hoses? The reason for the question is I have never seen in all the photos on line, a box with lines going anywhere but upward. Thanks for your help in advance.
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