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slmann 06-22-2016 07:30 PM

Hello Mo Chapter????
anyone still hang out or even look in here? :beer:

O'Rattlecan 06-23-2016 08:52 AM

Haha nope!

My old truck is getting some fun work done on it, not just repairs or maintenance. So that's a lot of fun.

Headers & a 3" exhaust system all the way back. It's a substantial enough upgrade that it might increase power by 10-15hp. Who knows!


slmann 06-25-2016 03:42 PM

that's cool. how's that truck doing?

O'Rattlecan 06-25-2016 05:39 PM

It's old but it's fun to drive since I rebuilt that motor.

Stiiiilllll in the shop.


slmann 07-07-2016 07:36 PM

get the truck back yet?

anyone else hangout here anymore?

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