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Fellro 07-20-2015 09:19 PM

2012 Edge 2.0 Ecoboost low boost code
So, just before the vehicle went out of warranty, the turbo died. Now, about the same number of miles since the new turbo was put on, it is intermittently giving a check engine for low boost. It also seems to come up in high humidity situations. Is the turbo on the way out again, or is it more in the control functions?

blacksnapon 07-21-2015 07:34 AM

Need to know the code number. There's several for turbo related problems, including turbo control components.

Fellro 07-21-2015 12:13 PM

Ok, when it resets I will get it aqain, forgot to write it down.

Fellro 08-07-2015 08:50 PM

So it reset again. p0299 low boost detected.

blacksnapon 08-08-2015 02:31 PM

The DTC points toward control components...Turbocharger wastegate regulating valve solenoid, turbocharger wastegate regulating solenoid valve stuck, wastegate stuck open, wastegate control hose open or plugged, air leak between turbocharger and throttle.

Fellro 08-08-2015 04:31 PM

It is intermittent, so any ideas as to a direction to look at in all of that? Hasn't seemed to cause much of a driveability issue just yet. The light was actually back off by the time I got there to retrieve the code.

Fellro 05-31-2016 07:36 PM

So we took it in to the local Ford dealer to check it out as these issues still haven't resolved and figured it was more than I know. Their diagnosis found the P0299 and P018D codes. Monitored the pids, found the fuel pressure sensor was not reading correct. Found low side pressure sensor was unplugged. Cleaned out the plug and tested ok.

So now, again the P0299 code for low boost is back again. They said the turbo was fine, estimate the cost of repair to be $500. I am not certain where the low pressure sensor is, or what it would take to replace it. Mom is now disabled and dealing with cancer so if it is something I can handle it would be appreciated if you could help me out with this. Thanks!

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