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Blacktruckdave 06-25-2017 10:38 PM

Stolen - 2007 F250 Superduty
This may be my last post. I had my 07 F250 Super duty stolen from the parking lot of La Quinta Inn of Fairfield NJ in front of a camera, under lights, right in front of my room. Not sure exactly how they stole it because the camera was not working. I would just like whoever reads this that it took the crooks under 5 minutes to break in and drive away. No broken glass or signs of any break in and my alarm never went off. I can't believe just how easily it was taken.
I would like to thank this forum and the members who helped me get to know my truck and develop my confidence of maintaining my ride. It will be missed and between Newark NJ, Paterson NJ and NYC I don't think it will be recovered...and I only had liability.

Sparky83 06-25-2017 10:59 PM

sorry to hear your truck was stolen dave... i hate thieves for this reason... you work hard for your stuff only for some lowlife to come take it...

smokey 06-25-2017 11:19 PM

That really sucks. Theives need to be beaten then killed. If they are caught they won't to much if anything to them.

Sparky83 06-26-2017 01:21 AM

i say killed.. revived.. then beaten till they die...

kiwi f150 06-26-2017 01:36 AM

Sorry to hear that Dave , that sucks man. Hopefully there is some justice and you get it back.

68F1006.4 06-26-2017 06:43 AM

That sucks Dave and I feel for you, I've been a victim of theives many times so my distain runs deep for them.

Blacktruckdave 06-26-2017 07:52 AM

May I also add that if anyone reading this stays at a hotel anywhere, remove EVERYTHING that may be valuable to you. The camera's at hotels provide zero security at all.
If the thieves beat me and took my keys there is absolutely nothing the cameras would be able to show the police. If a child was abducted or a woman raped there is no ability to even get a plate number and the hiway cameras are for traffic patterns. It's an absolute nightmare and my only hope now is to bring this attention to as many people as I can. Thank you for your responses. The thieves have a serious curse on them at this point and they will suffer in the future because karma sees all and you get what you give in this world.

CowboyBilly9Mile 06-26-2017 10:13 AM

Wow, sorry for your loss. Unless something changed, PATS is about impossible to defeat; with that said I'd say that the method of theft was either tow truck (proven way to steal Fords with PATS and as for alarms that nobody other than the owner even pay attention to these days, just clip the battery cable before the tow) or somewhere along the way, your ignition key was in the hands of a person who was able to clone the chip data over onto another key (IE, normally it takes two keys to program a unique replacement; to clone is to copy, it's not a unique key). I can think of a way to possibly program a new PATS key while in the vehicle, but that takes time, equipment and knowledge that most wouldn't have.

Let us know what becomes of this and what you do.

Sparky83 06-26-2017 11:39 AM

i cant remember if daves truck was gas or diesel.. but the diesels are not equipped with the PATS system.. Gassers are though..

fatherdoug 06-26-2017 09:15 PM

Sorry to hear this. Recovery sounds like a slim chance. :headbang:

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