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  1. Photo Walkthrough - How to Replace Hinge Pin on a Ford Truck 80-96
  2. Solid axle swap, 80-96 1/2 ton and Bronco
  3. Perma-Cool 19510 Electric Fan Installation
  4. Replacing Instrument Cluster Lights
  5. Replacing Instrument Cluster Lights (continued)
  6. Gen 9 Torque Converter Clutch Toggle Switch Install
  7. Gen 8 Cab (Roof) light installation
  8. Generation 9 1994 F150 Clockspring Replacement Guide
  9. Shortening a drive shaft (off road use) 56k beware
  10. HI-PO LED Full Gauge Conversion
  11. 1995 F150 4.9 Electric Fan Conversion!
  12. Generation 8-9 3G Alternator Swap
  13. 351M/400/360/390/429/460 Timing Chain Replacement
  14. Technical Write-up Forum rules and disclaimer
  15. 7th gen Cowl panel swap.
  16. INLINE SIX to an smallblock V8 engine swap write up
  17. Saginaw Power Steering Pump Swap on 302/351W F-Series/Bronco
  18. Making Mustang headers fit and a new exhaust
  19. LEVELING your longbed 4x2 truck!!
  20. Crossover Steering Conversion Procedure (Wanted)
  21. Starter Solenoid Replacement
  22. How to: Seafoam Treatment
  23. How To: Polish your Aluminum Diamond Palte Toolbox
  24. HOW TO: find out your rear gear ratio
  25. head gaskets on a 6.0, pictoral step-by-step
  26. 302/351W Head Gasket Teardown Video Tutorial
  27. ford ranger rear axleshaft oil seal replacement
  28. Automatic to manual hubs for D44
  29. BBK CAI Install on 95 Mustang GT
  30. How To: Diagnose A Missfire (BASICS)
  31. '95-'96 Explorer 4x4 VSS drive gear replacement
  32. 92-96 Fseries 2wd front brake replacement
  33. LEB 3G swap
  34. How To: Wire Your Own Running Lights