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you know you drive a ford truck when


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Middleton, ID
Oh that's right, you have one don't you.... I send my sympathies....


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you know you drive a ford when you have a hitch cover like this..


and then a month later you happen to do this


lol thats still my favorite picture of all the ones i have of my truck.. lol


sawmill slave
A guy that used to work at the mill had the Chevy version of that cover. Funny thing was when his Avalanch came to work on a chain behind my rusty F-150.
Tow a chevy to the liquor store.:rolling laugh: beer drinking smilie

actually mark thats where it broke down.. lol the ICM quit working.. that ABC store sits at the top of a hill just as it was half way up the ignitions stopped igniting.. it had just enough momentum to coast into the parking lot lol..
You know you own a Ford Truck when you keep a spare ignition relay on hand and can change it out in 15 minutes or less.smiliegitrdone
You know you drive a Ford dentside truck when you pass another dentside & they wave & rev the engine as you pass.

Big Jim F150

73-79 Ford Trucks Rock
You know you drive a Ford, when you're cruisin' a Dent side is that when people see you they give you a thumbs up and say sweet looking truck and even makes the little kids smile, wave, and say WOW!! And people in Chevy Volts scowl and say how dare you, I'd rather drive a cool looking Dent any day over the Obamamobile.

...along those same lines, happened just yesterday...

You know your pretty teenage daughter drives an old Ford when she gets thumbs up and "nice truck" instead of catcalls from the road construction crew. :)
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