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Wiw looking to buy my first gen6

I'm looking to buy my first gen 6 ford pickup. I've found one down the street from me. It's a factory 1977 ford ranger xlt, 460, 2wd, brown & tan, a/c, cruise control, long bed, 61,000 original miles, and tow package. No rust at all how ever it does have some wear and thin spots starting in the paint, they are very very slight and must be looked for. Anyone know an approximate value of this? I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow. Thanks in advance!
Mornin' Mr. Williams, welcome to FTF,
sounds like a great truck, I had a '74 w/the 460,
be aware, they are thirsty girls. What are your plans for the truck?
That's kinda my segue into what is it worth to you?
Mine I put almost $5k into in the year I had it, yeah. paid $1100 for mine from a junk yard, but she was a runner, had the tranny rebuilt, C6, might've been a mistake.
sold her for about $2500 I recall, just too much on gas. But if that is not a problem for you, then I'd a offer a couple grand or so, depending on what the current owner and you can agree on. Good luck
Thanks for the welcome! As far as plans go I only intend to use this vehicle for occasional nice day cruises and maybe pulling the boat to a local lake or two. I looked the truck back over again this morning, it will need 4 new tires and a exhaust system. It appears they only started it enough to keep the seals and gaskets up but caused a condensation problem in the pipes. Not an ordeal but will still cost me more. The truck I did forget to mention is a one owner if that adds any value. They're asking $7500, seems a tad steep to me.
yeah that seems a tad step to me too, what neck of the woods are you in?
Maybe sit on it for a bit and see if they come down, say closer to 4500 or 5.
I'm in central Pennsylvania, so for me to find something like this down the street is really out of the ordinary. To have something nice it needs to have been either never driven and kept inside (never happens) or bought else where and shipped in. My understanding is that a shipping company charges around $1k to bring them in to my closest truck stop.
ah yes ur right, I grew up in MI,
alright, I better get to work
take'er for a test ride

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That sounds like a good deal $7500 for that 77 F-250, I had paid 8500 for my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat about two and and half years ago, which I thought was a good deal. So go for it

Big Jim F150

73-79 Ford Trucks Rock
Good Job! And welcome to the old FTF Generaltion 6 trucks rule aka Dents or Dentsides called that because of the upper body contour line but on the one that you're getting is a Ranger or a Ranger XLT , you'll have a chrome molding with a black strip in it like on my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat. 78 was the first year for the Ranger Lariat, up until 78 there was Ranger and Ranger XLT. In 78 there was Ranger, Ranger XLT, and the Ranger Lariat which is the luxury model of F-Series trucks. Has your truck got the racetrack style molding on it?smiliegitrdonesmilieFordlogo
It is a ranger xlt, I'm trying to attach a picture with this message. Hopefully it works! Again thank you for the generous welcomes!


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It is a ranger xlt, I'm trying to attach a picture with this message. Hopefully it works! Again thank you for the generous welcomes!

$7500 for that doesn't seem too far off to can decrease the value by not having 4wd, if it sat too long, reg maint, etc. and increase it for the cap, mileage, one owner, etc.
more pictures. I think I did pretty well on the purchase. Saturday cant come fast enough!!!!!!!


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That looks to be in great shape!!..congrats and welcome to the site!


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Very nice!

Big Jim F150

73-79 Ford Trucks Rock
SWEEEEEEEEET looking truck! These old Fords Rule. Gen 6 trucks are like a fine wine or whiskey, they only get better with age! :) said by a fellow Gen 6 truck owner, although mine's a 78 F150 Ranger Lariat Trailer Special..