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who we got in Maryland?

hey we got any Marylanders on here? lets get together and B/S:wavey:
cool trying to get some guys together and start a b/s thread-just to keep in touch :)got some guys from another site trying to steer them here for some b/s once in a while-keep checking in-may get it together soon!the other site is crashing-can't post pics. and stuff no more?-


Delaware Chapter member
WOW...THAT chat lasted a long time!! Jr, ya lost it!


Old Fart Sharpshooter
Hi everyone!

Just saw this thread.

I'm Keith and I'm in Charles County, or, as one of the former (thank goodness) governors called this place. . ."Buttscratch".
I mean, he called Kent County "The outhouse of the state", why can't we be "Buttscratch"?
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Hey Jr,
Guess what I'm back,
difversifying and dropping off on the other site
way to much not going on in front too much behind
Glad to see Cliff made it

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