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What will a COMP cam for my 1996 300 I6 do?


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Depends on what grind of cam you put in depends on the power and the idle it produces. The idle on the video sounds like the performance cam the growl is from the headers and the muffler.
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Thank you so much! I'm trying to learn more about my truck, it's an awesome truck stock, I just wanna make it mine, throw some personal touches in there!


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i agree. a super 44 flowmaster muffler will make almost anything sound mean. they are also a bit loud for any length of driving for my taste.

Good advice to OP as after awhile exhaust sound can be wearing. So to build on that, how and where the downstream exit from the muffler(s) is can have quite an impact on less/more sound AND who will be hearing it. The further back, all the way to the back, out the side of the vehicle before or after the tires, and in any case, pointed down or straight out will have quite a difference in who hears it and how much. To get the most sound in your vehicle will be to dump under the vehicle and behind the passenger compartment (WA state law, FWIW) and not out the side. The least will be to exit at the very back, straight back and angled down a bit. Now you get to decide what you like. :D
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Also have to keep in mind if you are still injected, you have to keep the computer happy... If the readings go outside the parameters it is set for, it gets pretty grumpy...


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You can't get too much cam or the vacuum and O2 sensor readings get out of whack, so you have to keep it to a grind that doesn't go too far. Some aftermarket programmers can help, but not sure if they go back that far.
like the others have said.. if you go too far with the grind youll have to get it professionally tuned... canned tunes can help with slight to moderate.. but an aggressive cam (sometimes moderate ones if they lean to close to an aggressive stance) would need the full dyno custom tuning...


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Comp Cams will walk you through and give you the maximum recommended camshaft for your application without overstepping the computer. Don't worry - just let them guide you.



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Having built 4.9's,carbed, and injected, I will let you know, unless your pockets are deep, you are beating on a dead dog here

The 4.9 never was a "race" motor, but was built for torque
Clifford used to make everything you needed, but as technology went on, they were left behind, people want fast, cheap. The 4.9 ain't gonna do that

You can punch the block out, and put FE 390 pistons in it
a clifford "30 30" hydrolic cam
1.7 roller ped rocker arms
240 head
chevrolet 202 intake 194 valves
mustang big bore fuel injectors
5.8 throttle body
make sure to go with mass flo computer, and get "tunes" like Shaun said
gas milage will be about 5 mpg

Been there, done that take the same money, and build a small block


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I tried to post an attachment vidio with one of the trucks in it, but the site wouldn't accept it
I tried to make a report to webmaster, but that came back as invalid?


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Message received... As to how to fix, well.. Smokey!!! ;)
Depends how you were attaching it. If it comes straight from your computer, that may be the issue. Most times a link to some hosting site or upload it to the gallery and link it.


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from th computer
I seem to have lost my ability to use photo bucket
No big loss, as it took forever to use it anymore anyway with all the spam


don't play well w others
Funny thing how I have come full circle here with the site
When I first came around was when I was building the 6's , and at the time there was a mod here that was dead set against them
He and I butted heads in a big way

Now here I am, telling someone ( not in the same way) not to waste time/ money on on a project with 6's