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What the heck is this truck!

I have been scratching my brain and scouring the net to find out what the truck is that I'm going to be buying tonight. I don't know the exact year but I know it's not a '57. It's a COE I'm guessing 53-56 but from what I'm seeing is that Ford didn't make a C-700 "Big Job". I hopefully attached the photos right so you can see it.

Eventually this truck will be a pickup but I'd like to know exactly what it is just so I can keep some back story.


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I'm not an expert on the older trucks but it looks like about a '55 to me. And to me it does look like a C-700 but again I'm not the expert on these things
Ok, so I picked it up. Talked to the former owner and he said it is indeed a 1955 C-700 "big Job". He also told me it had a 289 when new and now has a 352. I guess it was used at a mine up north Wis. and he bought it in 1978.