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What Ford Rear Ends will fit?

Looking to upgrade from my factory 9" to get something with a locker or posi-trac & hopefully disc brakes but don't know what other Ford 1. Vehicles/Years & 2. Size rear ends will be a direct fit? Thanks


Staff member
The 9" is the standard in the drag world, so you can easily upgrade the diff itself and not have to change out the axle itself. There are many disc brake kits available for upgrading the 9" as well.
Well if your wanting to just up-grade the Pumkin. then you can do anything you want. Part almost everywhere . I used to sell Randys Ring & Gear items at my old parts store..& There's many more .. Toms Bronco parts is one Bronco Vendor . Wild Horses another .Jeff's another & B&C Bronco parts ........
.... But if you want another rear axle complete .. Nothing just swaps over.. But you can find a P/Trac full width pick up & have them narrored . .
The original had from 66 to 77 had 2 sizes of rear axle spin. But again you can swap from the smaller 28 spline to the 33's & Buy you self better rear axles .

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