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Tow hooks

Bought tow hooks from pick-n-pull off an expedition for $7.00 Put them on my 04 e350.

Had to use spacers due to a hump in the bottom of the frame. Then had to buy longer bolts. Found 8.8 grade instead of the 9.8 off the expedition.Had to cut the valance

But they should be strong enough to pull it off the snot I get stuck on:headbang:


caffeine junkie
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central Vermont
Lookin' good.

If I'm dumb enough to buy another 2wd truck, or continue to drive the current one much longer...I'll need to do something similar, I think.


Tonto Papadapolous
Mark, do you remember what the spacing is between the boltholes on the tow hooks? I'd like to get a pair for the '78, but I don't want to pay $100 plus
for NOS.


That's how we roll!
That looks great.
I added a front hitch over the week end. It ended up a little lower than I wanted, but it wasn't made for this application.
I'm going to use it to push my boat along the side of my house.
The city complained about it being in my driveway.

From the 1st page, you can really see what 6 years does to a vehicle.

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Tonto Papadapolous
That looks nice, Mark. How far out does the hitch stick out?

Pretty soon, we won't be able to park cars in our driveways. :headbang:
About even with the tow hooks. I bought the 12" extension from HF and cut 1.5" off the back and 2.5" off the front than re drilled the holes.
Just so I would hit the shins on it. I can also take that extension out.