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Thinking about new mufflers

I would to hear so input on what muffler others have run on gen 10 f series with 4.6 or 5.4s. I have now true duals with 12inch long dynomax race bullet mufflers and its getting annoying to me . I liked them at first but they are so loud it drowns out my two 12inch mtx subs that I have it might as well be strait piped. I also have cut off the rear two cats. I have been looking at flowsounds they are cheap and have a chambered sound wich I like but I will say I do like the strait open sound the bullets have. Just was wandering what others have had good luck with.


Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
I have a Flowmaster Super 44 on my 5.4L, and it sounds great. I have also heard a 50 series muffler, and it sounds wonderful as well. It's still aggressive, but will restore your sanity in the cab.

I have always liked flowmaster I have a set of original 40s on my 83 crown Vic and I love the sound. I was wanting something different on the truck but now I'm thinking flowmaster again but they are so expensive. Flowsound is repo of flowmaster and from what I have read they sound just as good I think I will go after a two chamber muffler I like the sound of the single chambers but they will be probably just as loud as the bullets.
I have borla with cats and sound perfect on mine.. Im an older gent(72yrs) and these are best of both worlds..
I have ran into a snag trying to find mufflers i need one that is 2.5 in and out with center in and out all I can find with 2.5 are offset on one side. I might have to go with a dual in and dual muffler.
Getting new mufflers put on tomorrow!! The shop that did all my original exhaust work had flowmaster knock offs for 50 a piece. I will finally get it quiet enough to hear my stereo and passengers:) probably going to sell my sub box and amp and save for a box made to fit under the rear seat.
I know it's nice having the sound but having 90% of my back seat taken up by a sub box is annoying I miss the space that i used for shoes, coats and what ever else I took with me. My wife has a big rolling backpack that she takes when we stay at my parents house and it has to sit on he hump next to the transfer case shifter when we drive the truck. I hope to get at least 300 out of the box subs and amp and also the 1 frd cap. I don't want to separate any of it but I might for the right price. Then I will go on eBay and get the box sub amp combo that I have seen there for 380 for a dual 12 inch setup or I could go with the 10s for 350.
Not at this time. I had the engine rebuilt back in the spring and it has dished pistons and I'm running 04 truck pi heads, cams, and intake. I also had a throttle body spacer and cold air intake that have been on for a while now. I'm saving for a custom tune now.