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The wheels on the Ford Go round and round


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So Been looking at my truck as it sits wanting to be put back together. Hopefully by the end of May will have her back on the road. my be with some more mods. like the rearend. And on that note I am considering changing up my wheels.



So they are pretty plain. Don't get me wrong I like the style but the black just makes them disappear.

So what I was thinking was painting them to match the blue on my truck(once I get the right blue). I found this pic online of similar wheels.


One thing to consider is my ultimate plan is to paint my trailer to match. So it will be the Blue and white also. It just may be mostly white with a blue stripe.[emoji848]



And If I paint the truck wheels I will probably paint the black on these wheels I have picked for the trailer. Center caps choices. I Have not decided which one to go with yet but the magnum 500 I like. My first(might have been my second car technically) car a 67 fairlane 2 door fast back had a set on it. So tying in some of my history into this build. The other thing is on the truck wheels the Xd badge is gone but then I either have to fill the spot for it or I could get some laser engraved stainless with either air force logo or a B52 or an a10 warthog To tie in my military years both as a brat and as a member. The blue is cause since I could drive I wanted a blue vehicle and everytime I bought something it was never blue. Well now Its mine I have the ability(if they mix the color right this time to make it what I want. That being said I would live some opinions on painting the wheels should I do it Or will it be 2 much. Oh and I can buy a replacement center star in white to tie in with the truck. So please give some honest feedback is it to much.

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