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Tailgate question

Recently a friend and I went on a trip from ohio to texas for his friends wedding and to go junkyard hopping. I kept looking for panels for my 75 unfortunately the only tailgate I found for my 75 was damaged and rotted... I did see a raised letter tailgate on an early 80s truck. I had a thought to buy it then said no. But now I am wondering is the swap possible? Needless to say he found everything he needed rust free I found zip. So if an early 80s tailgate is swappable with even slight modding and would look ok id do it.


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Not sure they will, but they are a definite down grade in construction if they did, and the body lines are another trick to consider.

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Personally my thoughts are that an 80 to 86 tailgate won't fit on a 73 - 79 truck for one the body line are way different. So I'm going to say no on that try to find a good used OEM one for a 73 - 79 truck off Fleabay eBay or you could go for a reproduction one from LMC Truck, Jeff's Bronco Graveyard National Parts Depot, and Dennis Carpenter reproduction Ford parts. They all have tailgates. Is your truck a Flareside or a Styleside? Flaresides it shouldn't matter though. smiliegitrdonesmilieFordlogosmilieFordlogo


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1973/79 F100/350 Styleside tailgate is the same.

No such thing as a 1980/86 Styleside tailgate.

1980/82 Styleside tailgate is different, the metal tailgate supports (scissors) are made as part of the latches.

1983/86 Styleside tailgate is different than 1980/82. The latches are different, cables support the tailgate.
This is my truck not a good picture because its dark and makes the truck look better than it really does. I know the 73-79s have the same tailgates. I have considered aftermarket because people want to much for a used tailgate in my opinion. First things first though is to get the ol 460 running.


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Just be aware that some of the aftermarket tailgates....esp LMC..are lightweight crap.

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73-79 Ford Trucks Rock
Check with your local car clubs, for they are a good source of information and parts for these trucks. I had to have a new fender for my 78 F-150 after a minor fender bender accident, so I had turned to the guys in Car Pride which is the club I belong to here in Ithaca, NY and I had gotten a good lead on where to get a fender, and I had gotten a good used OEM fender with the upper molding for $40 bucks. So good reasonably priced good quality used OEM parts are out there. Hopefully this helps yousmiliegitrdonesmilieFordlogosmilieFordlogo
Thanks guys, i am looking for pretty much anything body wise on it except the cab and doors... needs a dual tank bed or both bedsides and according to my friend it needs both front fenders the windshield also needs replaced... But he has access to the truck because he stores it for me...


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Windshield is the same: 1967/79 F100/750 & 1978/79 Bronco. There are 3 types: clear, tinted and sun band.

1973/79's use different windshield weatherstrips than 1967/72's.