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Shocks and Truck Height

Hello, I have an 08 F350 Extended Cab with 8 foot bed. The truck was set up for a camper from the previous owner. The front doesn't look altered but the rear has the "Auxillary" spring with a space under it.
My question is, before I order new shocks, does this affect the shock size I need. The f350 sits higher than my F250 and I also have the 20" wheels.
Thank you for your time.smilieFordlogo


Staff member
It can. If the ride height is altered, it would require a taller shock. However, if it only sits higher, but the suspension travel is the same as stock, then no. It is only if the suspension travel distance has changed.
Fellro, Thanks, I checked again and the auxillary spring is on top. It only comes into play when max weight is on and everything else looks stock. The crusty OEM shocks look very long extended without the bed weight on the back.
Should I wait till I have the bed weight on back or can I safely replace them now?
thank you again:beer:


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You can measure the stroke by taking one end loose and check the total length when fully compressed, then the total length when fully extended and then compare that to the new ones.


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Norlina NC
the helper spring has a gap between it and the pad when unloaded... ive been on mine a couple times when i was really loaded down.. so long as they havent lifted the suspension any you should be fine with stock replacements.... if theres additional blocks you may need longer shocks to compensate.. if you can post up a pic of the blocks between the axle and the springs... the 350's have an additional block that the 250's dont... if i remember right its just a matter of 2" difference...

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