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Seat covers?

Hello everyone I have a 84 F350 4x4 that the seat upholstery has split .
Should I have it recovered or get good quality seat covers?
I just picked this barn find up and it hasn't run since 02 .
It was a one owner and the original 6.9 cratered and Ford replaced it with a 86
year model!
The man that owned it only used it to pull his camper, it was never really worked! He bought a dodge to replace it and just parked it?!
I convinced him to sell it to me after a year and ahalf of pestering him! lol
He was saving it for his grandson! I told him the truck would be trash by the time his grandson got old enough to use it and it would have!
I had to replace the radiator,waterpump, heatercore(haven't yet) ,batteries, tires, fuelpump so far! So if you could point me in the right direction I would be grateful.:thanks:


The Token Canadian
Staff member
Reupholstering is the best way IMO, a company called SMS Auto Fabrics will probably have your OEM material.
Fia makes very nice seat covers as well

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