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Rough idle, harder start, several codes...

This is my first time posting... I have an early 1999 F350 7.3... I am having a difficult time diagnosing my problem... When I start the truck, it idles a little rough (rougher than typical 7.3), when I am driving it, it seems OK, even when towing, until I come to a stop, then it shakes all over the place like its missing. I have replaced the injectors, the glow plugs, the leaky fuel bowl, the frame mounted fuel pump, a number of sensors, the IPR, the PCM, IDM, and Turbo have also been replaced within the last year and a half. I used ForScan today, and it gave me the following codes: P0475, P0500, P1832, P1876, B1203, B1318, B1352, B1869, B2425.

Any Ideas?
P0475 - back pressure control module malfunction

P0500 - Failed vehicle speed sensor. Open or short in the wiring harness.

P1832 - another transmission code concerning the pressure control module

P1876 - transmission control module

B1203 - fuel sender shorted to battery

B1318 - battery low voltage

B1352 - ignition key short

B1869 - air bag electronic sensor failure

B2425 - keyless entry out of sync.

Outside of what the codes mean i dont know what to tell you. If i were to "guess" to me it sounds like you might have a bad harness somewhere.
Thank you for the input, I hadn’t considered a harness issue. I had a guy who works on 7.3s tell me that he thought it had a bad valve. But he is also the one who told me it was likely bad injectors, which have been replaced with no changes (except in my wallet).