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Parking brake release R/R

My parking brake release was broken when I bought the truck. Plastic broke and left the cable on the release end hanging. I bought a DIRECT REPLACEMENT and here is the story.

Direct replacement part wasn't. The release mechanism was the same but the cable was about 2" shorter than OEM. Meaning, had to use the original cable which wasn't frayed or kinked. To use that cable, there are two tabs on the sides where the cable is retained in the mid-bracket. These can be pinched and you pull out the cable. There are also tabs where the cable fits into the release mechanism and these must be pinched to remove the cable completely.

To change, you need to remove the panel (06 F350) over the fuse block under the left driver's side dash panel. It just pops out with no tools needed. Next, remove the four M6 bolts holding the fuse block in place. You will need a 10mm socket to do this. Pull the fuse block out of the way and you will see the two nuts retaining the release mechanism. They are also M6 and you can use the same socket. Once the nuts are off the release mechanism is loose and can be pulled out. You will need to remove the cable from the mid point bracket as I explained in the previous post and the end of the cable from the parking brake keeper; you just turn the cable end and slip it out the slot to the side. Putting the new release mechanism requires the reverse steps.


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you can actually do that without moving the fuse block... its just a bit more a struggle to get in there.... ive had to change out the parking brake mechanism twice on my truck... first time due to the star gear that holds the tension on the cable when set, got loose and stripped the teeth off so it wouldnt hold anymore... 6 months later the new one the spring for returning the pedal when released snapped... (both replacements were OEM genuine ford parts).. 3rd one seems to be lasting though... havent had any problems with it yet... *knocks on wood* i hated replacing the 2nd one since it was 105* outside in the shade that day...

if the SD is the one this one was done on is the same as the one in your sig its actually a 1st gen SD not a 2nd Gen SD... 2008 is when the 2nd gen started...
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