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New to forum and workin on my truck!

I’m not sure what’s going on, I fueled my truck up and drove 150 miles and the gas gage read that it only had a little over a quarter of a tank left. I have a 35 gallon tank and when I filled back up it only took 14 gallons. When I put the gas pump nozzle in the tank it released air pressure, which it has never done before. Also every time I fuel up with a full tank, it will stutter start when I first start it, and that’s the only time it happens. Not sure if it matters but I’m pretty sure it has had some body work done on the drivers side back by the fuel tank but not 100% sure. I got this truck from a dealership and they said the previous owner was a Forman for a grain company. The truck looks great and taken care of. But the door jams driver side don’t have un even gaps and on the rear panel by the tank you can feel half ass bodywork and see a small bolt they used to fasten the body. Regardless everything looks (from what I can tell) normal behind the body work on the inside of the truck. This is my work truck and daily driver that I support my family with so any advice or guidance would be appreciated 🙏 god bless and thank you for your time.
Welcome to the site. Sorry about your woes with the truck. My guess would be somethings been pinched. I know fords had some issues with fuel level readers being off. Mines had that issue a few times. Itll say its at 1/4-1/2 tank when its actually full. Usually fixes itself after 30 mins of driving. Never been able to figure it out. Not sure if the same is happening with yours. But sounds like your issues a bit different.
Thanks for the reply and info. My gage is about a quarter to half of a tank off and has stayed that way for the last 2-3 weeks now. Hopefully I can get it resolved, but for now I’m just keeping track of the gallons used.
Almost sounds like a ground issue. The old printed boards used to lose the ground and never read over half a tank. But your 13 would have soldered boards.

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