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New fuse box

Hi there. New to the site. I have a 72 Highboy and the fuse box is shot. It was a gift from dad years ago when he passed. I found a 76 box that looks the same but the color of wires are different and has multiple on the back, same fuse where my old one doesn’t. Maybe I’m overthinking things. I just want the old girl to burn up. I am not a wire guy. I have multiple wiring guides but the mean nothing at my age. Any advice from someone would be real nice. Thank you, Ron
I would look for a new one, time takes its toll on these and new is good. Most likely the neighborhood heavy truck shop can help you and be cost effective. Most all lil county towns have great truck shops in them. U no disconnect your ground from the battery now ! If they can't find an exact replacement they can easily wire one in that will do a great job for you ! Most likely have modern fuses also so you can easily replace them :cool:

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