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Need throttle solenoid.

Can not find a throttle solenoid as pictured below.
Any ideas on where to locate.
I will try pick'n'pull if necessary.


  • Screenshot from 2017-08-15 18-42-08.png
    Screenshot from 2017-08-15 18-42-08.png
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1985 Ford Lariat F-250, XLT, 4x4, 4 speed, 460ci, Washington state.
There are two different types of these parts. One type is called a throttle modulator .. the other is called a dashpot.[/I]

Is the carb ID tag still present? It's triangular shaped and mounted to the air horn, has an ID number stamped on it.

There were 4 different carbs offered for these trucks, without the tag number, there's nothing that I or a parts guy at a Ford dealer can do for you.
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found this tag: E3TE PD
D9PZ-9503-B .. Throttle Modulator Assy - Use with tag # E3TE-PD (Motorcraft CM-3207) / Obsolete

No Ford dealer or obsolete parts vendor has any.

Auto parts stores can cross the Motorcraft part number over to the brands they sell.
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Thank you for replying.

No luck so far with parts stores. Next stop junk yards.
How about a speed control cable?

Had a fire. Lost everything on the driver side of carb.

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