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NEED HELP with steering column issues


I have a 1993 full size bronco,for about the last 6 months, while driving, I hear a sound from the steering wheel that sounds like a spring tightening.I hadent noticed any issues until just recently. While turning the wheel it feels like the steering wheel loosens for just a second then tightens back up, while this takes place I have noticed delay in the vehicle actually turning. Two days ago my horn began honking whenever steering wheel is turned or on bumpy road. I know there actually is a spring inside column and was told it'd be just as easy to change out entire steering column,not sure about that, please any advice would be very helpful.


Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
The spring in the column is called the clockspring, and it's not *that* hard to change. It's not a 15 minute job, but the difficulty level isn't that high.

How much resistance do you feel regarding the spring sensation? Is it minor in comparison to the normal amount you push/pull while turning?