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mudflaps please!

Show me pics of your mud flaps and how you mounted them! I want to add custom mudflaps and I want to see what everyone else w/ super dutys are using, Thanks.



PA Chapter leader
central PA
Man not 1 reply . As bad as the F250 F350 rust in bed area . Get a set of large flaps at truck stop /truck supply .. I get the plastic ones . Then used a piece of cardboard to make template and cut it exactly how I want.

I mount mine to fender and (Mine r huge ) Put a support from bed to flap . to keep them straight . What ever works for u.
hey, what I did on my Ranger was get some Durabak bedliner, without the rubber chunks, and with a UV blocker added, and then painted the rocker panel area. It works, and I think it looks sweet, and one quart did both sides of the Ranger. Prolly do the same eventually on my next truck. I can find you a link if you interested...

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