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March 2013 Truck of the Month

From a distance Roy my SS center caps look good. But once you get real close there has been more than a few touch-ups done to them. Hopefully I can get the name of that company that refurbishes them from you, so I can check about having them redone properly someday.:)


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Congrats! Great looking truck
ok :) (I am going to try my skills with metal instead of wood and see if I can tap the dings out and repaint the black.)
Thinking more about it... I will probably do the same on mine Roy. Luckily no dings on mine I just need to spend more time on the sanding and painting the black.:)

Thank you very much Sean.
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^^^Agreed....I think I may have already said this, but this is one rig, I'll never get tired of looking at...especially knowing the history and that it's actually worked in its life!