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Loose vacuum line, don't know where it goes!!

1997 Mercury Mountaineer -

I started my truck yesterday and heard a squeal-pop-hiss. Kind of a burnt smell that dissipated quickly. My truck sputtered a bit and then continued to run normally. It sputtered one or two more times before I got it home, about 10 miles away.

Now, when I start it the belt squeals and there is a low hiss and a sputtering just for the first few yards of driving.

I popped the hood today and found a line loose. Put my finger to the end and there was strong suction. After a pit of searching I found another loose line that looks like it matches. They have identical rubber connector tips (I lost the one), but the lines themselves are slightly different in diameter.

Please look at pictures and tell me if they are supposed to be connected, and give me an idea of what the heck it is, PLEASE!



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Do they not connect together ?

I don't know if they do. The plastic tips do not connect together alone, but both ends have rubber tips that look like they'd connect. I lost one tip. So, I guess I'm going to have to go to the dealership to get a new one, and see if they connect then.

Was hoping someone would know what this line is for, by looking at it. Because i'm not sure if these 2 ends are supposed to go together. Since it is vacuum intake that feeds directly into the engine, I'm assuming that connecting it to the wrong thing could be disastrous.

One end goes directly into the top part (intake?) of my engine. The other line goes into something directly behind and below my driver's side headlight.


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its for your evap canister.