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Intermittent Wiper Switch Conversion

So I learned something new today at work and thought I would pass the info along. I was working in a 88 f150 that had the intermittent wipers and would randomly just quit working. So I was going to put a non intermittent switch in. At first my boss explained witch wires he thought needed to be cut and spliced to bypass the module for the wipers but.... I found that it was way more simple than that. I found that the connector that plugs into the module harness can be plugged into the switch bypassing the module altogether. I'm sure some have already found this out but if you want a simple fix for trucks with intermittent wipers just buy a non intermittent switch and unplug the black connector going into the module witch is mounted near the switch under the dash and plug it directly into the switch. I'm not sure what other years this will work on but for 88 I know it works. Now the wipers work only on low, high, and off . Made my day go a lot easier! And for those who would want to know the module connector is red at the switch.

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