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IFS to Solid Axle swap

I haven't done it to a ttb truck yet, looks almost bolt in if you use a late 70's f150 /bronco axle. I do have a Nissan xterra with a 78bronco front diff and a Ford 8.8 rear. The front suspension is all stock Ford 78 bronco. You will need to make a mount for the front track bar too.

Three things to watch for on your swap is the engine cross member and your oil pan clearance with suspension compression, and possibly drive shaft length, but I think you can still use it then just use the 78/79 radius arms, the arms are longer than the ttb, so the arm mounts will have to be moved back on the frame. Like I said tho, I haven't done it, but I have had both trucks and am very familiar with the suspensions on both, I love my ttb ride and I have a 6" lift in it and rcv axleshafts, but it might get swapped out for a solid axle because my ttb doesn't like the weight of the plow.


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Rooster Snorkler
Its pretty much bolt in if you use a coil sprung d44 from a late 70s half ton. Then use the outer knuckles off the ttb and put them on the straight axle. Need to make a track bar. Other than that...pretty straight forward.