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I need flares for my lowered truck.

All I have found for flares is bushwacker. Not sure how they would look on my bullnose considering its dropped so far.

I've started attempting to make steel ones and I'm already hating it.

Does anyone know of any other flares out there for a bullnose that aren't god awful looking. I'm about to buy a set of bushwacker just to see what they look like.
It's not as much width that I'm looking for as its something that will make room for tires. A 2" flare would be enough but I need room for wider tires/wheels. I'm rolled as far as I could in front and rear is cut and rolled. Barely clears my current wheel and tires and I stretched my tires just a little bit on these wheels. I need width for cornering so not wanting to just tub it.

I came up with rear flares but haven't done front yet until I know the rears will work out like planned.


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This design would widen it 3" and would bring the wheel well up enough to match the chrome trim so I would gain 2-3" in tire clearance. So a 305 or 315 would easily fit without having to go way in board with them. Then I will tub it because it needs notched more anyway and I will need to clearance the bed for upper links. On top of the 9"