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Hood latch frozen, seized or stuck

Pulled hood latch cable but hood didn't pop up nor can I open it by thumping the hood hoping to get it to pop up.

I GoogleD not getting the hood open and the only photo which matches description DOESN'T apply to my 95.
96 and newer photo shows an emergency pin to pry on to bypass the cable.

Any idea to open it besides
1) spraying penerasing fluid
2) waiting tiL spring.
Mine does not look like this


  • 18205Hood_Latch.JPG
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The Token Canadian
Staff member
Did you just poke a 1/4'' drive ratchet/socket to those 2 bolts Randy?...I was wondering that when I saw the pic but have zero experience with it.


Hitech hillbilly
Staff member
I think I used a ratcheting wrench to romove the bolts. I was thinking there were 3 bolts but that was about 10 years ago and I remember it was a pain in the butt getting to them.


The Token Canadian
Staff member
It looks like it would suck to do.