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Hello From A High Ridgeline in West Virginia

Hello Everyone,
Thanks to everyone in advance for helping out. I rely heavily on this and other forums ifor knowledge & wisdom to help me with my project. & labor of love a 1992 F-150 XLT. I aquired this truck from a neighbor of mine about a year ago. a elderly farmer whose family and my family had known for generations and properties sat sude by side.His health had been failing for a number of years and His truck had just set in the driveway without movement for about 4 years when after developing major issues with the truck I was then driving decided to against all odds approach the man to see if he would be interested in selling his truck.
Was I ever supriised when he not only said that we could probably make a deal on the truck but that the way he had it figured was that growing up I had done a whole bunch of work for him and he said he never had got to pay me anything near to what it was of worth to him and for me to just take that truck as a partial payment for that debt that I clearly assured him was never owed and told him that as a sign of my appreciation I would do my best to restore the truck and keep it on the roads around these parts as a memorial to him for many years. He had always been known for not selling anything so I proudly charged the battery put some fresh gas in it started it right up and took home a 92 F-150 one owner with only 70,000 mile on the OD
Other than a few hiccups caused by the 4 years of complete idleness the truck ran excellen.
Forward ahead about 6 months to March of 2023 this area of the Appalachians hadh a month of freakish wind storms where winds would be a sustained 30 mph with 60 mph gusts then came the fateful night that as I was performing a Live music Livestream on Facebook a wind storm began and not to long into the storm I heard what sounded like a siren or car horn blowing but with the howling I didn’t know for sure, at about that time my wife yelled up the stairs that she thought the horn we heard was coming from my truck I said if that blowing horn was my truck we had big problems and headed out the door to investigate.As I stood there in the rain and hurricane like wind I could just barely see my truck through the limbs of the 60’ Pine that had fell dead center of the cab obliterating it and seeing that the running boards were not even 2” from touching the ground I simply turned and walked back to the house trying to come to terms with the fact that a tree I had parked under for 30+ years had now decided to fall and I assumed crushed my truck and bent the frame into. The next morning I call my best buddy and tell him he wont believe me if I tell him to just come to the house and bring his chainsaw upon arriving he agreed with my assessment that the truck was deceased and being a tree faller and trimmer he said the best option even though the truck was beyond repair he would make a few choice cuts he would stand the tree back up and take it back down after pulling the truck out of the way to scavenge any useful parts before hauling the wreck in for scrap.
But an amazing thing occurred right in front of my eyes as he cut the tree and it stood right back up to it’s original place the truck also raised up to its normal height my buddy crawled underneath and said in awe that the frame didn’t appear anlto be damaged at all and apparently the suspension had taken the whole weight of the tree ao the decision was made very quickly to find a cab.
Well 7 months later and a decent cab was finally found and the Old Ford should be being started and the project winding up any day now but if not for these type of forums I would not even be this close to being done and something tells me this truck is going to be my forever project keeping my promise to my neighbor and his family and I’m sure I’ll need you every step of the way







Staff member
It is impressive how these older trucks hold up to abuse like that. Also are great for being able to swap out parts like that instead of like cars that are much harder to fix such things. I would have doubts a newer truck would have made it through. Definitely take more to swap out as well. Cool story, hope it has been going well for you.