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Heads and Smog Pump Brackets

I have a 1980 F-150 with a 351m engine and I am planning on building a 408 Stroker using a 400m crank and .30 over pistons with an RV cam and roller rockers/lifters. I need to keep the CR in the range to where I can still used pump gas, and the biggest part, still retain emissions equipment.
My question is, are the bolt holes that hold the Smog/Air Pump brackets on the front of the heads all the same from Aussie, Cleveland and 351 &400 "M" type heads?
I am still trying to figure out which CR combination of heads/pistons/intake/cam to use during my build. I do not want a drag strip engine, but I also want have a very impressive HP/Torque range for towing and everyday driving. In Arizona, I still need to have Smog equipment in place for the inspection process.
Any suggestions will be helpful. I know there are a lot of top notch, well experienced that could help out. Thanks.
OK then. I have come to the conclusion that there are some questions that should never be asked. Onto bigger and better things. I have found another way to get around keeping all the smog (emissions) crap on my engine. Also found that if you intend on building a nice engine, find a way to get around the smog stuff or don't do it at all.


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It isn't that the question shouldn't be asked, but the trick is if anyone can answer correctly. Commonly modifications and factory smog equipment don't play well together.


don't play well w others
Emissions equipment has "modernized" just as engine components.
Most 96 or newer engines don't even have a smog pump.
Sometimes it's just what you use to achieve the same thing
Yeah, you are both right. Some of our emission laws need to be updated to allow performance technology a little bit of room. If some of this smog equipment fails, it is not cost effective to try and replace the broken parts. Oh well, there are other ways to get around it!


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Biggest trick is what you use that still passes the laws, not necessarily what passes the emissions test. If it was a simple as passing the sniffer test, it wouldn't be such a big deal, but it unfortunately is not that simple. They hold the original equipment as being better than an upgrade that works much better. I realize they need to hold a standard somewhere, I just feel it should be the tail pipe test, not the OEM installed system.
Fellro, you are right. I guess they need to have a standard and they are not dumb. Keep that money coming in. Any older vehicle can be de-tuned to pass the sniffer test so they stick to, " is the factory emission equipment still installed?"(visual inspection) and thats how they get you.