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Headliner Board for 71 F250

I have a 1971 F250 that needs a headliner. Have the material to recover it. Just didn't realize how warped and jacked up the actual headliner board is until now. The board in it now sure looks like cheap paneling LOL. Any ideas where I can get headliner board that won't cost me a small fortune? Should be a pretty straightforward item. Doesn't require much if any molding, contouring, etc. Any info or ideas will be greatly appreciated.


crank polisher
Two places I'd start. The first is Obsolete and Classic Auto Parts in OK City. Ph# 405-631-3933 or 1-800-654-3247

Or National Parts Depot. Look them up on the interwebs.

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LMCTruck has a board version for $140 and an ABS version for $90.

The quality might not be as good as other places but the price is decent.