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Hard to start

I have a 92 F 250 with a 5.8 motor. Truck has low miles and has been very reliable until yesterday

at a dog park and tried to turn it over and almost caught but didn’t. Spent about the next 16 minutes to start it with no real luck

the truck will turn over fine, so cross off starter or battery. Both are doing fine. It will try to start but won’t kick over and the starter will just constantly turn over with out catching.

This is the first time for this to happen.

I don’t think it’s a fuel issue since I’ve had no issue with either tank. But the front tank was empty and the rear was half empty so I filled them both up
and switched it the front tank. Nothing, as if no fuel was getting to the motor. So I switched it back to the rear tank started fine and I went back home.

any thoughts anyone ?



Truck is at a shop that I trust. When I was having issues with the rear tank intermittently cutting off they figured it out. So on with the current issues is hard start

they replaced the coil the ignition module and they’re gonna do a full tuneup which includes spark plugs wires new distributor cap etc. and a PCV valve. Also I’m gonna put a new fuel filter in and see how that affects everything. The shop found some wires that they weren’t comfortable with so they redid them and we will see what happens
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