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Got a 92 f150!

What kind of tires are those?

They are road warrior brand. I had never seen them before I looked on line. Apparently the road warrior brand mostly make tractor trailer tires and heavy equipment tires but they started making lite duty truck tires. I got the Mud terrains. So far I am very pleased but we will see as time goes on how they wear.

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Started on the manifolds tonight!! One side down only one more to go!!

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That old exhaust manifold doesn't look very happy.
Did the driver side manifold tonight. Sounds so much better without the cracked manifolds!! That side was cracked in half also.

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Made the first major trip in the truck tonight and it went very nice!! Not sure how accurate the gas gauge is. I will have to do the math and see. I only ran the rear tank because to front reads empty all the time. But it made the 3 1/2 hour trip with no issues!!! Tires are awesome so far! fairly quiet on the road which is nice.

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Added up the mileage that I drove this weekend and it was slightly over 400 miles. So if I'm correct the rear tank should hold 18gal. It looks like I used 2 tanks full round trip. The gauge is off but it reads lower than what is in the tank. I filled it up from around a 1/4 and only held 13 gal and I filled it up again when it stated floating between 1/2 and a 1/4 tank and it only held 9gal. I might have to run it till it quits one day and see where it reads. But eventually I will have to fix the singing unit on my front tank too. But other than that the truck ran great.

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Well I am on alternator #3 so far on the truck. Two remans and finally a new unit. So far the new unit is doing way better than the reman ones. I guess I'm finding out the woes of the 2g style, in the future if I have more issues I might want to think about upgrading to a 3G style.

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Put about 800 miles this weekend on truck and it did great. Used a lot of gas but I'm glad I didn't have any issues. Tires are still doing great still fairly quiet but I need to check the balance again. But for the price I paid I'm not complaining.

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Little update on the tires. I found that they do have a hop or high spot to them. It noticeable when the temp is cold but when they warm up it goes away. They do smooth out once up to speed also. I guess that's what I get for buying a cheap tire but it's not annoying enough to do anything about it at this point. They still are showing very little wear for being on the road for about 3500 miles so far and I did rotate them already. As far as off capability I don't know yet. I have yet to get an opportunity to try them out. And this years the winter so far has been mild but they did great in what little snow we had so far. Noise level is still quite maybe slightly louder than they were new but windows up and radio on I can't hear them anyway. Over all may have been better to wait and buy a name brand for more money but for the price they are doing very well.

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