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Ford F150 One Piece Driveshaft Slip Bump- FIX!

I got a real good example of this concern in today and I show you guys. In this video I show what is causing it and just how to fix it. While this concern is well documented on the two piece drives hafts not much is out there specifically on the one piece drive shafts.

my 2012 F150 has a clunk. I checked the 2 piece shaft and it looks ok. The tail shaft has play and moves enough to make this clunk by hand. Is this a problem. I'm alarmed at this much play. My wife drives this truck. and finally got my attention. Thanks for your help
The slip bump was in my rear section of my 2 piece drive shaft. The TSB basically lubes the slip yoke on the 2 piece shaft. Thank you for the tip Makuloco2000. It's quiet now except when I shift from drive to reverse there is a metallic clank. The tech. said the slip yoke at the trans.tail shaft has play but he has seen that on a lot of the trucks. We shall see what happens. What can be done about the play at the transmission tail shaft slip yoke?